Causes We Support

We do not set specific causes to support but we have soft spots for Children, the hardcore poor as well as the Animals Welfare.

​There are many ways to give back, we currently manage the Community Chest Box (for the needy, hard core poor & animal shelters) with the Aik Bee Group and our box is located at the Ground Floor of Pearl Shopping Gallery (Old Klang Road). Since its inception in 2017, we have so far donated to various parties, from the hard core poor to children’s homes to animals shelter and even the Orang Asli community.

Here’s an opportunity for you to do something that will impact the community too and it doesn’t cost you a fortune.

There are 3 ways on how you can do your part:

1Activities on WonderWomen Portal

For every purchases you made via WonderWomen Asia, from Monthly Subscription to signing up for bootcamp or e-learning packages, posting up jobs etc, a portion will be channelled to the causes we support.

2Become a Volunteer

Help us distribute items in need to the needy, hardcore poor, children and animal shelters. We appreciate if you could share our efforts via social media too.

3Donate Items In Kind to Our Community Chest

We welcome food (non expired perishables), hygiene products as well as good and new clothings/slippers/towels. Occasionally we welcome soft toys and children books. For the animals, we welcome Dogs/Cats food, litter sand, used cage / bedding / used newspapers. Please do not leave expired medicines, food or mouldy pillows/clothings.