Welcome to WonderWomen Asia! Kindly read the Community Guideline below before you begin your journey. It is important that we start you on the same page like everyone on the platform. If you have not set up your account yet, please refer to THIS guide before you attempt to post anything.

Community Guidelines

WonderWomen Asia (WWA) is a place where every women can be creative and free to express or discuss opinions, experience and ideas. It is a social platform where we, as women, inspire, support and encourage one another. We want you to have fun, open minded and respectful at the same time while at the platform.

Nevertheless, there are behaviours that are not to be tolerated by anyone in the WWA community. We hope everyone will abide to this to ensure we co-exist in harmony.

Don’t be Rude or Harass Anyone.
Any harmful, offensive, rude or personally violating posting is not welcome. We will delete posting of such nature without prior permission if we spot them or if we are being notified. In WWA, we treat everyone as equal no matter their race, nationality, sexuality, religion, political affiliation or gender.

NO Spam/Inappropriate Content.
Content that is pornographic, abusive, violent, demeaning, spur racial/religious hatred or an indicative of spam will automatically be deleted and potentially reported if it is appropriate to do so.

No Posting of Illegal Stuff.
WWA welcomes you to post about your business, product or services (No MLM or drop shipping). We will automatically delete postings that promotes weapons, illegal chemicals or drugs, escort services, pornography or anything that is seen as not falling within our mission of empowering women through providing access to information.

Trolls or Key Board Warriors are Not Welcome.
To preserve positive environment and experience would require everyone to engage with one another in a positive manner. We do not encourage instigation or provoking behaviour that might spark tension between members.

Do Not Copy Others Work – Unless You Give Credit to Them.
It is not easy to produce a good piece of work – and you know it! Where credit is due, provide link or name of the original producer if you need to copy or quote their work.

Meanwhile, here are a few more things to keep in mind:

Profile Creation.
We encourage all WWA users to fill out their profiles in full. That’s right, your real name and real photo! We are trying to connect, empower, and build a community of women. So, make sure to click a fun profile picture, link up your social media accounts, insert your favourite quote, and if you feel comfortable, list where you are from in the world! Your profile page is all about WHO YOU REALLY ARE!

Editing Your Work
We at WWA does not edit content that you posted. Unless its inappropriate content as described above, we will just remove them.

Give Constructive Criticism.
While we don’t want inappropriate posts, we do want people to express their opinion but in a constructive way.

Be Engaging.
We want people to get into conversations, to comment, to connect, to share and to discuss without worry nor fear. Express your opinions and be constructive offering ideas and solutions that supports the goal of creating a supportive, empowering community.

Report Abuse When You See Them.
Do not fear and don’t be shy, if you spot something that does not seem to abide by the community guidelines, report it to us immediately at hello@wonderwomen.asia.

Terms and Conditions.
Creating an account, or participating in WWA in any way constitutes an agreement to abide by the rules listed above. Note that these guidelines are subject to change at any time as we see fit. Feel free to suggest improvements to us at hello@wonderwomen.asia.


Posting, Commenting & Community

What is WonderWomen Asia?
WonderWomen Asia is a community and social platform reaching women from every part of the world that enables them to connect with one another through the exchange and sharing of contents / ideas. WonderWomen Asia is ultimately providing access to knowledge in an effort to empower women around the world. Learn more about us here.
What is a WonderWomen Asia Influencer?
WonderWomen Asia Influencer are successful role models that inspires other women. They are tough, smart, independent women that have gone through journey to be where they are today. From women of the A-listers to the everyday women, our influencers represents every women out there regardless. We take great honor to have them within our circle to encourage and empower more women to explore, nurture and pursue their dreams.
What happens when I post on WonderWomen Asia?
Your posts automatically appear in the “Latest” section on the WonderWomen Asia homepage. As it gains traction on the platform, it will likely appear at the top section.
What should I do if I’m having trouble uploading an image?
Make sure that any image you want to upload in a post is either in a JPG, PNG or a GIF format. If it isn’t, the file will not be recognizable and thus not upload.
How do I share this post with my friends on Facebook and my followers on Twitter?
There are share buttons on the left side of each post. Feel free to share with your network on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or even via Whatsapp!
How does Upvoting and Downvoting work?
If you see a post you really love? Click the Like button. See something you strongly dislike? Click the Dislike button.
How do posts end up on the Trending page?
WWA has an algorithm that takes into account the post’s upvotes, comments, shares, and views, and also takes into account the velocity at which all of these metrics are rising.
What type of posts do well on WonderWomen Asia?
We believe that anything can potentially become a hit on WWA, given our wide audience, but items with a high share ratio are typically honest experiences about life, career, relationships, gender empowerment, politics, etc. Please don’t feel limited by these topics, we want you to write about anything in which you are passionate. The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can post and what does well on WWA. Write in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese or any other language you feel comfortable with. Be creative as you’d like!
Can anyone submit on the platform?
Yes they can! All you have to do is create a profile
and start posting!
How do I edit a post?
  1. You can edit the post by clicking Edit button which is located at the bottom of your post, before the Comments section.
  2. Another way is to go to your Profile Page >
    This content is for registered users only. Please login.
    section. You’ll see a list of your post there and the edit button ( pencil icon ) on the right side of each of the list.
How does WonderWomen Asia moderate user posts?
The moderating is mostly in the hands of the community. The site’s Like and Dislike function is a way for the community to constantly be evaluating posts. If there is content or behavior that jeopardizes the community, or in any way violates the rules detailed in the Community Guidelines, WWA Team will removed it immediately.
Can I be banned from the site if I post inappropriate content?
If our team discerns that you are regularly posting spam or abusive content, we hold the right to remove you as a user. The process will be as follows: 1) your post will be deleted, 2) you will be given a warning via email if you post inappropriate content a second time, 3) you will automatically be deleted as a user if you post inappropriate content a third time.