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5 Ways To Inspire Your Team In 2018

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The holiday season is over and many workers struggle to get back into work mode. This condition is marked by an overall decrease in productivity and workflow subsequently slows down.

Here are five things to do to get your team aligned for a productive 2018 and take your organisation to the next level:

Celebrate the victories, big and small

Authentic appreciation goes a long way. Show your employees they are truly valued by giving praise across the board. Use these positive feelings to help them look ahead. Rewards should be given based on personal and team accomplishments to foster both personal ambition and team camaraderie. Provide constructive feedback so that workers have the opportunity to self-correct.

Share your vision

Without direction, it’s difficult to inspire and be inspired. Employees depend on inspirational leadership and a clear vision to ignite their drive and keep them on track. Talk honestly and passionately about what excites you and share it with employees at all levels. Help them to take the vision and make it their own. Do this by personalising it, so teams can see how their work aligns with the purpose of the company. Be open to suggestions and listen.

Assign goals

Write them down. Research shows that writing down goals makes the achievement 80% more likely. Set a specific process of goal accomplishment in place to increase the productivity of each member of the team. Be in control of the what needs to be achieved and when it needs to be done. Leave the how it needs to be done up to them to inspire a sense of responsibility, authority and ownership.

Plan for employee development

Provide your employees with ongoing job training to help them excel in their careers. Don’t assume each and every employee is fully equipped for the task at hand. Check in with them personally and find out. Even if an employee isn’t ready for a promotion, talk to them about their professional interests and goals. If you invest in your team and put faith in their abilities, you enhance their ability to take the company forward.

Strive for excellence

An outstanding leader exemplifies excellence in a consistent manner. To do this, stay true to your passions, and what you know is right. Be unremitting for all the good that you do. Take responsibility and demonstrate a solution-oriented mindset. Handle challenges in a proactive and constructive way. If you walk your own talk, your team is likely to follow in your footsteps with a personal drive to achieve success.

The power of collective ambition and a shared vision is indisputable. With a new year ahead, get your team on the same page chasing after the same goals for reasons that extend beyond the bottom line. Let an inspired team take your organisation to the next level.

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