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9 Things To Do When You Thought About Giving Up

when you thought about giving up

Life is tough. Sometimes it seems unfair too.

Were there moments when things got tougher than you expected and you wish you can just give up everything, go somewhere and vanish? Sometimes you wish you didn’t exist at all.

We all been there before. Sometimes it feels as though terminating one’s life seems like the best solution. But what if there’s a way out and you just didn’t look or try harder?.

And what can we do if we or know anyone facing the same situation?

Here are 9 things that one may consider doing whenever life gets tougher than expected.


Our problems are never unique. There is a possibility that there are people out there currently facing the same situation as you are right now – perhaps much worst. Never assume that you have the worst of problem in the world. Be grateful that you still have a roof over your head, food to fill and fuel you up and family that loves you. Some are not even that privileged. Some would kill for the life that you currently have.


Reaching out means find someone to talk to. Chances are they could also help think of a possible solution for you to try or connect you to someone that able to. You may never know that they probably have been there before in the same situation as you are. Learn from them on how they coped with it.


Yes, this happens when we are surrounded by people that has high expectation of us or assuming that we can handle the matter well. Sometimes it’s because of pride. We are only human – we can only handle so much. Asking for help doesn’t mean you are hopeless. It means you know and aware that you have this problem and wants to get it resolve. Some people may reject or provide you with advice. Either way, you need to be open about the outcome but never stop asking.

ask and it shall be given to you


Find a quiet place, calm your mind and reflect on the issue. Find out if there is a creative way for you solve the problem. Sometimes you just need to do something you have never done before to solve the problem.


Staying awake will only fill your mind with unnecessary worry because you can’t process it with all those noise around you. Try sleeping it off while you sort the problem subconsciously.


Sometimes there are others who posted and shared their problems (and possible solutions) in forums or sites. Google for it. Use Boolean search method, eg: Clear Debt, Solutions, How to.


Be sure to visit the self-help section in bookstores. These days you can find books with tonnes of great takeaways written by authors who have either personally experience or treated patients with various kinds of personal problems. Some even show you how you can solve it – maybe not immediately but step by step. Your problem is definitely not unique – there will always be a way to solve it.


Have you ever heard of positive thinking attracts only good things? This is true. There is a connection between us and the universe that is hard to even describe. But a lot of successful people practice this and it is not a secret at all. The only thing that stands in the way between yourself and what is possible with the subconscious mind is your sceptical self. It is not easy to train the mind (to quieten it) as it requires focus and lots of practise, but it’s possible. Watch THIS to learn how. Thank us later.


Like any other problems that you have faced before, big or small, notice that they often don’t last forever. Somewhere somehow and someday, you will get yourself around it and solve it. Whenever you are hit with negative thoughts and wants to give up, whisper to yourself “This too shall pass”.

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