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Artisan Skincare – Claire Organics


We love the packaging on Claire Organics. They were of soothing colors, very pleasing to the eyes. Their detox soap and healing salves are amazing!

Claire Organics Handmade Soap

We finally got on hold of the founder of this brand, Louise and here’s our interview with her recently.


HP: Hi, introduce yourself to the member and what do you currently do?

Louise: Hi I’m Louise and I am the founder of CLAIRE ORGANICS, I named my brand after my daughter as she inspired me to embark on this journey. We produced Artisan Handmade Soaps & Natural Body Care products.

At CLAIRE ORGANICS, We pride ourselves on using only natural ingredients for our products. It’s all 100% chemical free, and most of my products are even safe for baby to use.


HP: What did you do previously and how long did you realize that you wanted to do something on your own?

Louise: I was actually a graphic designer by profession and it took me about 2-3 years to leave the comfort zone.


HP: How long have you left your job to focus on this?

Louise: It’s been around 2 months plus since I left my job in June 2015.


HP: Why did you choose to do this business and what drives you?

Louise: It was my baby who inspires me to create a baby series for her and from then on, I found my passion and embarked on this journey to produce eco-friendly body care range, with a mission to inspire a kinder world.


HP: Can you explain more about the business itself. What do you currently focus on in the business?

Louise: At the moment, I’m focusing on expanding my reach in the market through awareness.


HP: What kind of satisfaction did you get out of this business?

Louise: Wonderful feedbacks received from customers always make my day and they keep me motivated of wanting to do better for them.


HP: How and where do you foresee the direction of the business you are in?

Louise: Building more awareness online and conducting workshops.


HP: What do you aspire to achieve?

Louise: We’re passionate about inspiring people to become a more caring and kind society, and also one that cares for the environment.


HP: How do you keep yourself motivated and driven?

Louise: To me, passion is the key with a mission in mind that keeps me motivated.


HP: Any challenges or setbacks faced while you pursue your goal?

Louise: Yes, that will be lack of time while juggling between a full time job, family and pursuing my dream. Sleep is always sacrificed because it is the only time I have to work on my product and brand.


HP: What are your daily activities like?

Louise:  Usually I’ll send my daughter to school and have meetings until afternoon, right after lunch I’ll be focusing on doing online sales and the paperwork. In the evenings, I will spend some time reading books or household chores and sometime I go for a walk in the park.


HP: What do you think about HerPortal.com and how do you think it can help you in your projects/mission?

Louise: I hope to network with more women through HerPortal and hope to inspire more moms who would like to pursue their dreams.


HP: Where do you see your business growth to be like 5 years from now?

Louise: I hope to have more workshops and probably having my own independent studio.


HP: Where do you produce your products?

Louise: For now, all productions are at our home-based studio, it’s also where I perform all my daily works and process online enquiries and orders.


HP: How did you keep your productions costs low?

Louise: Most of our raw materials are imported from Australia to ensure the best of quality, it certainly costs us the biggest part of our investment. However, we’re still able to offer a broad range of fully handcrafted and all natural body care products with affordable price range, by keeping all of our other cost low by operating from home, handmade procedures also reduce cost on machinery which is very cost effective.


HP: Do you have a website or social media page where customers can visit?

Louise: We’re very active on social media and customers love to engage with us! Here’s our Facebook: www.facebook.com/claireorganics and Instagram: www.instagram.com/claireorganics . We are also working on our official website which will go live very soon 🙂


HP: Anything specials for HerPortal members?

Louise: Oh yes, we certainly have! For all wonderful HerPortal members, enjoy 15% off on total sale and free shipping for order above RM40!


HP: What do you hope your business to achieve years from now.

Louise: My visions are to inspire a society that’s kind and cares for the environment. Our mother earth needs more care and attention before it’s too late. Being able to engage my business with multiple Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that benefits the society, we aspire to help the less fortunate and inspire people to become a more caring and kind society. Achievement wise, we hope to establish our names regionally and globally.


HP: Do you have partners to help you in your business or do you hire staffs? How did you pay your staffs if you’re just starting out?

Louise: I started out by only myself in a smaller scale, very much sooner the business received great response and overwhelm demands, opportunities comes along the way and I’m now partnering with my family members as a team. I also hire part-timers to manage my roadshows which happens in several locations almost every weekend.

This enables me to focus on several other expanding sectors. And I’m fortunate to have my great team who has done a great job – Claire Organics wouldn’t be where it is now without everyone’s great help.

We will always be innovative while standing our ground of professionalism, sustainability and passion. It’s now growing leaps and bounds and I’m grateful for all my wonderful customers and loyal supporters.


HP: Thank you so much for your time Louise!

Louise: Welcome and thanks for featuring me in your blog!

Louise and her beloved daughter.
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