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Deepavali Special: The Tale of Pattushastra

There is a saying that goes, ‘Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of’ and it is true for the beautiful sisters who are the faces behind the iconic brand called Pattushastra. The three sisters named Kavitha, Suvitha and Jeevitha not only run a business together, they live together too and in fact do a lot of things together, a feat which is highly commendable in this time and age.

pattushastraL-R: Suvitha, Jeevitha and Kavitha

It is apparent when one spends some time chatting with them to realise how close the sisters are amidst the usual banter and teasing most sisters would do. They are down to earth and funny to boot and despite each having her own distinctive personality, they share the common love and passion towards sarees especially the Kanjivaram silk sarees. When they were younger, they often draped their grandmother’s sarees which oozed elegance and timelessness and their exquisite taste in designs and colour grew over time but they often found themselves gravitating towards Kanjivaram sarees.

The history of Pattushastra started when they were busy looking for the wedding trousseau for Kavitha back in 2010. They were not keen on any types found at the regular haunts so they decided to go to India to shop. Kavitha’s friend in India recommended the sisters to directly meet the saree weavers in the town of Kancheepuram. There they came across intricate handiwork as the sarees are hand woven. Six months down the road, they made another trip to the same weavers to shop for Suvitha’s wedding trosseau. The sarees the sisters wore were widely complimented and that gave them the idea to bring the sarees to Malaysia so other brides could wear the beautiful sarees too.  Being ardent fans of Kanjivaram silk sarees, they wanted only the best for their clients; handwoven, made from pure silk and zari (gold thread) and each piece is unique where no two designs are the same.

pattushastraIn their boutique

The name Pattushastra was coined after a discussion among the sisters and the rest of the family members. Pattu means Silk in Tamil and Shastra means sacred scripture therefore the brand literally means the Sacred Scripture of Silk. The sisters take great pride in their sarees as they are handpicked by them whenever they make their buying trips every 3-4 months to India armed with their visions of the perfect sarees for their clients.

Conversations with them are often interspersed with topics regarding sarees. Their faces instantly light up when they share stories of brides who have purchased from them. And they remember their brides as they remember each piece they have in their boutique. They even learned from their weavers that hand woven pure silk with gold thread Kanjivaram saree is as sacred as the ‘Thali’. Therefore clients are not encouraged to drape the saree on before buying however the saree will be placed lightly on their shoulders and the sisters would help to envision the kind of bride one would be if she purchases the saree. When the sisters shopped for their own wedding sarees, the weavers did not even let them drape the saree on their shoulder!

The different taste in colours and designs among the sisters help them to decide on their purchases. They leverage on their strengths each brings to the business but strive to be multitasking at the same time. They are involved in marketing and sales, account management, they research on latest trends and preferences of brides over wedding sarees and they work hard in portraying their brand effectively.

Earlier this year, the three sisters showcased the Kanjivaram sarees at a special fashion show themed “Kanjivaram: Beyond trend and tradition” at Atria Shopping Gallery in Petaling Jaya. The fashion show was a big hit where audience got to see the intricate beauty of kanjivaram sarees and how it can be draped; traditionally and with a modern twist.

PattushastraThe sisters at their successful Fashion Show earlier this year

The popularity of Pattushastra is apparent as they not only have clients from Malaysia and Singapore but also from Canada, Europe and India. They use social media as their main marketing platform and it has been proven to be effective based on the high number of followers they have.

Kavitha, Suvitha and Jeevitha are the most happiest when their clients are satisfied with their purchases. They often advise their customers to take their time to decide on the best wedding saree and they take the effort to share the beauty and uniqueness of each chosen piece. They even share styling ideas with their clients and this adds an extra oomph in their continuous relationship with their clients. From only brides, they now have repeated customers who sought them out for sarees to be worn at special events. Designer saree blouses were then added to their line to further accentuate the beauty of the Kanjivaram sarees.

Running a business is not a walk in the park especially when you have a full time job but these incredibly talented yet humble sisters are a testimony to the fact that anything is achievable if one puts her heart and soul to it.

So if you are a soon to be bride or in need of a timeless piece for a function, look no further than Pattusashtra. At any  given time you will be attended to by the (very) amicable Kavitha, the scintillating Suvitha or jovial Jeevitha and if you are lucky, you will have all three and you will have to be prepared to go on a dazzling saree hunting with these ladies.

pattushastraThe fun loving sisters

Pattushastra is not only a boutique that sells flawless Kanjivaram sarees at affordable prices, it is also a labour of love of these three sisters who have each other’s back like any tribes of successful women but in their case it is extra special as they are sisters, a relationship which is far more precious than the gold thread in their beloved Kanjivaram sarees.

Check out Pattushastra’s Instagram handle; @pattushastra to view the array of gorgeous sarees and also to obtain their details should you want to swing by to check out those sarees as well as designer blouses.

Wishing all Wonder Women Asia readers a very Happy Deepavali!

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