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From Baby Making To Soap! – SY NATURAL SOAP

SY Natural Soap

Tucked in her stall is Siew Yin with few of her many handmade soaps. We met her at our recent TTDI event.

Quiet and always smiling to anyone that stops by her stall, her passion in soap making is awesome. While she prefers making natural smelling soaps (non-fragrant), she had actually experimented local’s best in her soaps by using the Pandan leaf and Lemongrass!

Siew Yin actually made these soaps out of  hobby and for family use – far from having any intention to sell them.

She’s actually an Embryologist by profession and very good at it too! Now everyone knew that as an embryologist, you will need delicate hands and extreme focus to ensure embryos are fertilized and grows well. It is a job where patience is not an option. Every fertilized embryo represents the couple’s hope and happiness.

Siew Yin is a skillful and dedicated embryologist at work.

So soap making is like a de-stressing moment for her where she will go to the quite corner in her home and unleashed her creativity. Siew Yin is really skillful with her hands – from baby making to soaps!

Here’s our interview with this multitasking Mom.


HP: Hi, introduce yourself to the member and what do you currently do? Do you work full day? How many kids do you have?

Siew Yin: Hi, everyone! My name is Siew Yin and I am a mother of a lovely daughter who is 4 years old this year. I do work fulltime in the medical line and am into the soap making for hobby and to get my mind away from the stress at work.


HP: How did your hobby on soap making come about?

Siew Yin: It happened by chance. I was browsing through the YouTube one day and saw a tutorial on how to make your own soap at home. It looked pretty easy and immediately I went out to buy the ingredients which consists of milk, oil and lye (NaOH) and started making my first batch of soaps.

After 30 days of curing, finally I get to use my very first batch of soap. It turned out not too bad; just that it was lack of the lathery foamy feel.

And then I made my 2nd batch after doing a little research on using different ingredients and perfected the homemade soaps that I wanted and I have never stop making my own soaps since then. Did a little research online to look at what the existing handmade soap makers are doing and decided to purchase the soap molds to have a different concept of handmade soaps as compared to the common soap bars.

I mixed, stirred and wrapped my soaps by hand and I can only make my soaps in small batches with the best quality in mind. It takes 30 to 45 days for each batch to cure and mature and then ready for use. I used goat’s milk, fresh cow’s milk, coffee, green tea, black tea, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, canola oil, sunflower oil etc.

I only use cold process to make my soaps as it preserves all the goodness of the ingredients used. I also use natural clay, mica and food colorants for coloring and I use only natural essential oil and food flavoring (including pandan & lemon grass) for the mild fragrance of my soaps.


HP: Where did you learn soap making and what do you do with these soaps? Do you sell them? Where?

Siew Yin: Thanks to YouTube and internet, you can learn to make almost everything with a click of your mouse. I distributed my ready-made soaps to families and friends to get their response and feedback in order to get a sincere market review on my soaps which are truly helpful. I don’t sell in big batches but only by orders or requests over at Facebook. Right now, I am trying out by selling my soaps in bazaars on weekends lately.


HP: What’s your best seller?

Siew Yin: Most of the unique designs with angels and Hello Kitty are among the best-seller.


HP: Why did you choose to do this as a part time business? What drives you?

Siew Yin: It started out as a simple hobby and I would like to share the goodness of natural handmade soaps with everyone. Customer satisfactions are the main drive.


HP: What are your daily activities like?

Siew Yin: I have a fulltime job as an embryologist cum manager for a fertility Centre with the Sunway Medical Centre. Helping couples to have their own flesh and blood is another fulfilling job that I have.


HP: What do you aspire to achieve with this small business?

Siew Yin: Some side income from my little hobby will be a good boast to this small business.


HP: What kind of satisfaction did you get out of this business?

Siew Yin: When customers comes back to you to purchase more of your soaps and tells you how they have enjoyed using the soaps.


HP: How and where do you foresee the direction of the business you are in?

Siew Yin: I will continue to make small batches of soaps for own usage and as little gifts for friends. The most is to engage myself to sell my handmade soaps in bazaar on frequent basis.


HP: Anything specials for the members if they buy from you directly? Do you have website/social media account for this business?

Siew Yin: Feel free to browse through my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SYnaturalsoap. I can give 10-20% discount for bulk orders and I will put in extra soaps on top of what you have ordered. Just mention the MOMS4PROJECTS blog when you order from me.


HP: What do you think about HerPortal.com and how do you think it can help you in your projects/mission?

Siew Yin: HerPortal.com is a good opportunity for all mothers out there to venture and try their hands in doing their home or small businesses. The exposure given by HerPortal will definitely be able to boast more openings or limelight to your business.


HP: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Siew Yin: Pretty much the same as of now. I will still enjoy my fulltime job in the baby making industry and I will continue to enjoy my soap making project.


HP: What do you think the challenges that Moms/Women faced at work/life these days? And how do you think society or employers can help?

Siew Yin: To balance out work and family life is truly not an easy task when nowadays, the working environment is highly demanding. For certain jobs which allow flexible working hours or home-based work setting, it will be a huge advantage for the moms.


HP: How do you keep yourself motivated and driven?

Siew Yin: A satisfied customer is always the best motivator. Getting new unique soap moulds does motivate me to make more soap with them.


HP: Any challenges or setbacks faced while you pursue your goal?

Siew Yin: No obvious challenges other than educating more people using handmade soap as compared to the commercialized soaps which does nothing good but works like a detergent to the skin. As you know that detergents usually dries the skin and rips off the natural oil that protected them.


HP: Do you have a superhero/or people that inspire you in your life? How do they inspire you?

Siew Yin: My mother is a one strong-willed and tough lady and she inspires me to try all the things in life with no regrets.


HP: We understand that you currently work full time as well, how do you juggle your time with soap making?

Siew Yin: Weekends and public holidays are the best time for soap making. At times, I will need to burn the midnight oil to rush for my customer’s order.


HP: Thank you for taking part in this interview Siew Yin! We look forward to have you again in our future events! All the best in making more healthy babies!

Siew Yin: You’re welcome! Lols, and thanks for the kind wishes.

Pick and buy!
Love this design, boy and a rabbit! from SY Natural Soap.
Another lovely design from SY Natural Soap, The Mermaid.
SY Natural Soap designs are of mythical creatures – we love them! Great as a gift!
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