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HelloHERA Hub: The new hangout place with a purpose

WonderWomen Asia has a new baby sister! She’s pink and she’s called HelloHERA Hub, the very first co-working space for women only in Malaysia.

Officially launched on January 17, 2019 by Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Hannah Yeoh, the hub was alive with vibrancy from all those who attended the launch that day to render the support to the one mutual person we are all connected to, Ms.Angie Chin the founder of WonderWomen Asia and also the Co-founder of HelloHERA Hub, in short she is the Mother Hen or in this case the Mother Cat (she loves cats!)

Angie is a person who always has the invisible thinking cap on and she got the idea of opening up a co-working space for women only but also friendly to kids when she herself had trouble looking for a place to do work with her pre teen daughter on tow.

So she worked on it right away and the result is a cozy place filled with motivational quotes just for you, fellow girlfriends, to work in peace 🙂

We appeared in the newspaper!

Right after the launch, there were many write ups about the place of which you can check it out online. But what I would like to write here is the camaraderie I experienced meeting with like- minded women that day.

Firstly, all the women (and some men) who came that day are good friends of Angie. They came bearing food and also white wine. One volunteered to be the emcee and she was a brilliant host. They calmed her when she was nervous about the launch. They took many pictures and tagged her on FB so she wouldn’t miss out on them. It is often said that close friends are family members you can choose and it was quite apparent Angie has a huge family of friends who are also from different races (shapes and sizes etc) !

Besides meeting my role model in person, YB Hannah who is incredibly down to earth and who is also a strong advocate for working mothers, I met other inspiring ladies as well. In summary, they were all passionate about what they do and they practice discipline and give their utmost dedication and commitment to their trade.

This is what I like being with a group of women with strong intellect and genuine interest to lift other women up. A few quotes come to my mind when I reminisced about that fateful day:

1. Real Queens fix each other’s crowns (not snatch it away)

When we were discussing future plans and projects, they were quick to give feasible ideas and also readily volunteered to lend a hand

2.  Always choose to be kind

I spend most of days complaining that I have so much to do with so little time while these women are creating a difference in strangers’ lives. I was rather embarrased by myself after hearing what they do for the community and even downplay their involvement whereas I am the sort who shouts out when I suceesfully put two kids down for a nap at the same time #facepalm Their kindness is so palpable!

3.  If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman

This was a statement made by Margaret Thatcher and I couldn’t agree more. Although my husband claims that it is a rather sexist remark but I can’t help but think it is true. We women are the doers and the ultimate Guru when it comes to multitasking and this is what I sensed from the women I met that day. The aura of dynamism was rather glaring and I was awed by how grounded they are with all these greatness going about them.

So as much as I was excited about the launch and meeting YB Hannah Yeoh in person (I took a selfie with her, yay!) I was mesmerised by the energy that flowed from all those I came in contact with that day. I joined WonderWomen Asia as a contributor, happy to be a part of the women community online but I was ecstatic about meeting these women in person at HelloHERA Hub so a big THANK YOU for Mummy Cat, Angie for this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious idea!

A few of the Awesome ladies I met that day

Lastly, I just want to interpret what HelloHERA Hub means as explained by Angie in her opening speech. Hello is the first word you say when you greet a person. HERA is is the Goddess of women, marriage, family, and childbirth in ancient Greek religion and myth. Hub is an effective centre for an activity. So all in all, HelloHERA Hub is a place where you can meet fellow empowered and empowering women to get things done. How cool is that?

I hope when you have the time, swing by HelloHERA Hub and be charmed by its zen-ness (is there such word?) and you get to chat with friendly Angie if you need a break in the monotony of your work. She knows a lot of people and things so trust me, you wouldn’t run out of things to say to each other. She is also the ticket to meet other awesome women in her circle, so it doesn’t hurt to be extra nice to her….hahaha

Here’s hoping to meet more of you sweet, nice, wonderful and inspiring women at HelloHERA Hub soon.

Who Run the World? Girls 🙂




HelloHERA what it means

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