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HER Talk, HER Inspiration @ Awesome Canteen, Petaling Jaya

Her Movement Meetup

WonderWomen Asia is honored to be invited in this event – to inspire more women to come out and explore their potentials.

Come join us this weekend, 27th October 2018 (Saturday, 2pm to 5pm) and get yourself surrounded by independent, beautiful and smart women! Event is FREE and open to ALL women.

Her Movement
Her Talk, Her Inspiration

Most importantly, learn from them on their entrepreneurship journey, starting their businesses from scratch to where they are today. Network and get to know them in person. Venue and RSVP details below or visit their Facebook page for info:

HER Movement

Because sometimes its good to have that sisterhood support whenever you need it. Entrepreneurship journey can be tough and sometimes you will feel overwhelmed and lonely too.

Nothing beats sharing that journey with others who could relate to you.

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