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FAQ: How to Set Up Your WonderWomen Profile?

how to set up your wonderwomen profile

Your profile tells your story. A successful profile not only displays your talent, but also highlights the personal characteristics that differentiate you. Here are some FAQs on how to properly set up your profile.

So where's my Profile Page?
Click on the avatar located at the top right of the page.

How do I reset my password or email?
Hover your cursor on the avatar at the top right of the page, then on the dropdown – click Settings.

You’ll see the option to reset your password and email. You’ll see the options for email notification setting and account deletion as well.

How do I change my name, photo, or other details?
Click on the yellow button EDIT PROFILE located at the left side of the screen. You’ll see the form to update your profile fields such as your Name, Title, Bio, Quote, Location, Education, Career, Experience, Skills, Website, and your Social Media links. You will also see the links to upload or change your Profile Photo and Cover Image.

How should I fill out the field that says 'Title'?
This is the field where the text appears directly beneath your profile name; you can enter your professional title or your expertise. Otherwise, if you leave this blank, it will automatically appears as “a WonderWoman”.

Once you add your business name, position or whatever you want in this section you will always see that instead of “a WonderWoman”.
What about Quote?
This is the field where the text appears as your tagline at the left side of your profile. Otherwise, if you leave this blank, by default, it appears as:

I Am A Wonderful Person

Social Media fields?
In these fields, you add your Social Media links, their icons will appear underneath your profile name.

It is very important that you follow these instructions to make sure that the links will work and not give an error when clicked or shared:
Full web address.
Example: https://www.yourwebsite.com
Facebook profile
Username only. Do not include @ or address: www.facebook.com/
Example: wonderwomen
Twitter profile
Username only. Do not include @ or address: www.twitter.com/
Example: wonderwomen
Instagram profile
Username only. Do not include @ or address: www.instagram.com/
Example: wonderwomen
LinkedIn profile
Full web address.
Example: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wonderwomen
Any specific size for Profile Photo and Cover Image?
There’s no specific size, it’s up to you; but if you want to preserve the quality, we recommend:
minimum 180×180 pixel for Profile Photo (similar to Facebook profile photo size),
minimum 1280×400 pixel for Cover Image

Complete all sections, including your Profile Photo and Cover Image. Unless you like the default Profile Photo as your profile picture!

Now that you already setup your profile nicely, you can go thru each of the other tabs as mentioned below. It’s not really important that you read them now though, as you’ll get familiar with these tabs along the way you use this website 🙂

Well, Wall is almost similar to ‘Timeline’ in Facebook; where you update your status, share your thoughts, photos, videos and links.

This is where the list of your Story, Questions, Products and Jobs are located. You can update, edit, add new and delete them here.

When you enrolled in any of the online courses in this site, it would be listed here. You can click on ‘Expand All’ to view your progress of each course.

If you wish to create your own online course, you can do it from this section. Once submitted, your online course will be listed here as well, and you’ll see the option to edit, view and delete them here.

Planning to submit your own online course? Read the Beginner Guide here.
Under this tab you can view and download the report of every sales generated from your online course. You know, on this site, you can turn your knowledge into money, if you want!

Still have any question? Just ask us in the comment section below.

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