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How to Upload a Learning Course Easily

At Wonder Women, we encourage ladies to come forward and share whatever that is worth learning with the rest as you know, Sharing is Caring.

Once you have the idea of what you would want to include in your course, you are highly encouraged to check out this link: https://www.wonderwomen.asia/courses/course-creation-guide-for-beginners/ to give you an overview on how you can go about creating your course.


Firstly, write out your text along with the appropriate title on a Word Document. Spend some time editing your text as it is way easier to work on the Word Document instead of editing online (unless you are a techie).

Online Learning
Work on a Word Document



It’s best to have a featured image for your course to make it look attractive. And if you have images for every topic or lesson, that would be a bonus. Save all the images and texts in a folder for easy access.

Online Learning
    Save the relevant documents in a folder


You can then proceed to upload your course. Click the Yellow Tab called POST next to your profile picture. Click ‘Course’. Key in the title and write a snapshot of the course. Short and sweet that grabs the attention of the course participant.

Online Learning
                                                                             Short and sweet yet attractive summary


Insert the disclaimer at the bottom of your snapshot.

Online Learning
The Disclaimer


Key in the appropriate Course Category so it would appear on your course feature.

Online Learning
 Insert the Course Category


If you would like to prevent users from enrolling and/or viewing your course content while setting-up, scroll down, and set the “Course Price Type” to CLOSED. This can be changed back at any point (as stated in the Course Creation Guide for Beginners) Click the Features tab and you can do the needful.

Online Learning
 Select ‘Closed’ in the Course Price Type


Click on the Settings tab and choose file to upload your featured image so it will appear on the Learning & Development page. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to save your work.

Online Learning
Upload your Featured Image correctly


Next Click on the ‘Course Builder’ tab where you need to work on the architecture of your course. Again refer to this link https://www.wonderwomen.asia/courses/course-creation-guide-for-beginners/ Look at Step 2. Ensure you arrange the topics and lessons accordingly. Click Submit to save.

Online Learning
 Adding the Topics and Lessons correctly


Then you should proceed to add in the contents for each topic and lesson. Refer to PART 2: Getting Creative on Content in the same link. Here, copy the text from your Word Document and paste it in the content field.  If you want to add an image, click on the Add Media button and upload your selected image. Click submit after every entry to ensure it stays put.

Online Learning
Click the Add Media button to upload images


When you have completed uploading your course, you can select the Preview button and you will see your final product which has the topics and lessons on your left.

Online Learning
Final product;Topics and Lessons on the left


And Congratulations! You have successfully uploaded your course.

Online Learning
Your learning course is ready to be explored


Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

Good Luck!










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