How to Upload Your First WonderWomen Article : Tips and Tricks.

Hey ladies,

We’re on a mission to increase the readership for your articles.

And writing an article as great as yours deserves its own readership. That’s why we’re laying down a few tips on how to ensure that what you write gets to its intended audience.

Here goes:

1  . Choose a great keyword you like.

We continuously check our articles to always ensure that they are SEO-friendly. Be sure to name your images with this keyword so we know what you’d like to rank for when we run our quality checks.

Keyword must be one word only and closely describing what your article is all about. Example of keyword is: sweet dumplings for Chinese New Year, etc.

2 .Go to your MEDIA Gallery (from your post) and complete the alt tag section when you upload images. This is to ensure that your images are discoverable on image search engines.

add alt tags

3. Include links into your article.

It’s always great to back your articles with facts or supporting materials. It’s also great to give credit for sites or information you got your reference from.

In the spirit of showing gratitude and appreciation towards the work these informative sites have put into their work, let’s give them a shout out in our articles by linking them in our articles.

How would you know if an article is linked though? We’ll show you!

1 . First, look for the link icon. Click on it.

Linked on Wonder Women Asia

2 . Then you will see the link box pop up. Proceed to copy the link where you get the reference from and paste it into the box. Click the blue arrow when done.

Insert link into article

Linked text would look like this.

Voila! You are all set.

We hope you will find these tips helpful. Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions.

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