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If you are a skeptic with Network Marketing…READ THIS!


Years ago, when I was attached to a Telco company as an employee, I met this quiet but cheerful young lady through another junior colleague.

We used to go for lunch in a small group a couple of times and I only remember her as this quiet but cheerful sweet young lady before I left the company. She seldom talks at lunch time, prefers to only listen and chuckle to our jokes every now and then.

After I left, from time to time, as I follow the junior colleague’s update on Facebook, I get to see this young lady’s updates at the same time too. So I followed her journey as she started to dabble into the networking business, and I find her determination and drive interesting!

So I was just observing from afar, reading her status updates and occasionally view the pictures she posted – well mostly about her success! I grew a little envy, partly because she’s younger than me but managed to achieve half of the dream I always wish to have. Blame it on procrastination, we always wanted something good but never make an effort to try harder to attain it.

What interests me is that she’s really a hardworking person! She’s focused to make it in this crazy world of business! Even before three years into the business, she’s travelled the world more than I did (for FREE!), stayed in swanky hotels, enjoying good food while most of us worked our butts off to bring food to the table! She’s even given a car as an achievement appreciation by the company she represented and even her husband (who used to work with us before!) joined the wagon after seeing his wife’s success.

Their story humbles me every single time. I was a skeptic you see. I have tried MLMs in the past but they never worked! After following this young lady’s journey, I guess what you really need to make it WORK is actually a proper strategy and team work! You cannot do it all alone! This young lady is just a normal person like you and me, but with drive, focus and determination she’s able to achieve that success in just three (3) years!

So in between her jam packed schedule and recently being a new mother to a beautiful baby boy, I managed to get her interviewed so she can share with you her journey thus far.

My hope is that we can learn a thing or two here about what network marketing is all about and how determination is the key to achieve your wildest dreams!


1. Hi, introduce yourself to the member and what do you currently do?

Hi everybody, my name is Mursyida Binti Mohsin. Some peoplewould call me as Cik Cida (maybe because of my blog name!).

I am currently a full time online business entrepreneur for Sahajidah  Hai-O Marketing Sdn Bhd   (previously known as Hai-O  Marketing). I focused on selling beauty and health products and building   up new entrepreneurs at the same time.

2. What did you do previously and how long did you realize that you wanted to do something on your own? How long have you left your job to focus on this?

Previously I was just an executive in one of the Telecommunication Company for almost 5 years. In the   last 5 years, in between finding more about myself and working full time, I realized that I was not into   doing the same thing every day and working on a fixed hour basis. The thought of working full time, desk bounded just makes me feel uneasy every day and I started to realize that I need to find alternative ways to earn extra money since my salary is barely enough.

After doing some soul searching, I realized that doing business is my passion. I desire to have my own business and take control of my time. So I embarked on a journey looking for business opportunities online. Then one day I found this business on the internet after following a few blogs. I only started to try it after 2 years of doing thorough research on how the business works. Just like anyone who is unsure or skeptical, I started as a part timer first and then a year later I finally make my decision to focus as a full-timer once the business produces income consistently and exceeded my job’s monthly salary.

3. Why did you choose to do this business? What drives you?

Self-determination is what drives me. This business gives me more flexibility in managing the business the way I wanted. I have full access to control my time and my income every day. As a mother with a new baby, I don’t want to lose even a single minute of the precious moment to see my son grow in front of eyes. I cannot afford to spend my whole life being at the office between 8 to 12 hours every day, going through the crazy traffic jams to & fro work, attending long boring meetings and then only have just few minutes every day to spend with my son.

Freedom to manage my time, retire while I am still young, unlimited income are the 3 important keys that drives me to stay focus in this business until today.

4. Explain more about the business itself. What are you currently focus on in the business and how did you convince people to join you?

This business is more than just another network marketing and creating human capital. We help and share business opportunities with others who is also looking for something that can help them to increase their household income. The best part of this business is the ‘Team Concept’. There is no such thing as in ‘I run the business all by myself’. As a team, we run and build the business together. The continuous mentoring and knowledge sharing is the key for the successful business.

After 3 years being in this business full time, I now have my own team. I am proud of this achievement! Our team is called PIN which is an acronym for Professional Intelligent Network. My team is now on a rapid growth stage. We have members from all over Malaysia and we currently plan to also looking into expand our network globally soon.

5. What kind of satisfaction did you get out of this business?

I am so happy when all of my business partners in my team achieve their individual goals and become successful in this business. This business is not purposely created to give benefits to only one person. Everyone has the same opportunity to grow and become successful. But the individual effort and passion to success will give the different result. I always advise my team, you will not know when success will come to you, just be consistent in all your efforts.

Besides my team, customers are also my priorities. Customer satisfaction drives me to always give better service. I want my customers to benefit and be truly satisfied and happy with the products that I sell.

6. How and where do you foresee the direction of the business you are in?

This business concept will definitely become trend in the next few years. Many people these days are looking for something that are flexible and able to add value in their life. With the current economy situation, extra money is not just an extra but is essential for everyone. We can’t just depend on one source of income. There is no guarantee that we can work at the same place/company for the next 20 or 30 years from now. However, building your own empire is much better and if you can work for others to make them rich, why can’t you do the same for yourself?

7. What do you aspire to achieve?

I aspire to expand my network and grow the team globally. I want the team (PIN) to be recognized as one of the successful team that produces multimillionaire entrepreneurs globally.

8. Anything special for the members if they want to join you?

If you are looking for a business with continuous mentoring and team building concept, I will be more than happy to invite anyone to join me. Yes I will give you not only the training but also the right strategies to become a successful person. If a normal executive like me can do this business 3 years ago, what makes you think you can’t do it too?

For more update about Mursyida’s business journey, do visit her blog. And if you want to try out in network marketing business but not sure how and where to start, do get in touch with her. I promise you she’s one of the humblest person to speak to! If she can make it in this industry, I don’t see why anyone couldn’t 🙂

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