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It is your fault that you are Poor

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You have worked hard all your life. You are even good at what you do. You mix with the right people and yet you are not rich. Sometimes you envy those around you having the easy way of life. If only money really grows on trees.

But do you know most of those that are rich are usually self-made? They are the ones that started the engine and created the spark that ignited their wealth machine. Unfortunately not all self made wealth surpasses 3 generations, and this is because the new generations just inherited whatever that has been created for them. Yes they eventually learn how to “grow” the inherited wealth but not taught on how to actually “retain” it.

law of attraction

So back to your question, you are actually rich. You just didn’t know it. You already have what you need to get going and be rich – but do you know how?

And when you don’t see it or understand why, you will still be where you are today – stuck.

11 years ago I was intrigued by this book called, The Secret. It was one of the best sellers in bookstores that I knew I have to get it. I was curious what makes it a bestseller. I read and practise some of the takeaways – nothing move that much, or so I thought. And fast forward, I did not revisit this subject until I realise that I have been doing a lot of things wrong eversince.


the secret book
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Now some of you will tell me, but I have read The Secret too. Who doesn’t? While some of you have probably achieved your dreams, congratulations but there are others who has not because they don’t know how.

One thing I noticed is that the book did not teach me the proper tools I needed to do the exercises right. And I have to learn the hard way – by learning about the method from several practitioners, and experts. I learnt this by comparing and practising their methods because at the end of the day you need to find one that suits you. Of all that I learnt from, I enjoyed Bob Proctor from The Proctor Gallagher Institute the most.

For those who have read The Secret, it’s not as simple as imagining something and hope you will get it. No. Sure it’s something to do with the mind, but if I tell you to show me how – can you?

And when I mention “tools”, you don’t need to buy anything extra to make things work.
From what I have gathered, nothing is more powerful than learning the method together. The more women that’s in the circle, the powerful the energies that drives it.

So I decided to create a close group for this purpose. I am not sure of what to call it yet, Wealthy WonderWomen? Women Works Wonders?

It’s not a self-help group and we are not here to cheer you up. The group is there to drive one another to achieve their goals. It’s about positivity and nothing else. And it only for those that participated in the event that has learnt the methods together.

To kickstart, we will do this via our meetup on 17 Nov 2018. Your investment is just 4 hours of your time (to kickstart) and a small fee to cover venue and materials. If you can afford lunch, a starbucks drink and movies for two – you can definitely afford this.

To book your seats, just make sure you purchase your ticket HERE.

law of attraction oprah

First thing first get your scepticism out of the window and don’t be stingy to invest in yourself.

If you want change and to be part of this group – join us.

Let’s make our goals (whatever that may be) our focus in 2019 shall we?

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