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I kept thinking about it, until it happened!

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When the contractor reverts back with our booth, arch, board designs last week, suddenly it jolted you to realized what you and your small team have worked for will finally come to…LIVE is less than a week!

You see, I have dreamt of organizing an event at this Most Popular mall in town (Midvalley Megamall, KL). I kid you not that the dream was mooted just last year when we set up an office nearby. I couldn’t help but noticed that every event held there is always an attraction. So I vow to have one there someday.

Come December last year (2016), I was actually looking for a date to book for another partner’s event in Sept/Oct of 2017 and suddenly I thought of the mall. So there I was sitting at the Management’s office together with the Management’s team, flipping through the event’s booking file. Unfortunately, I was told that most of the dates I proposed is already taken up, like over a year ago. I didn’t realize there were already a long waiting list. The mall must be really prosper!

While building rapport with the Management team, something nudged me from the inside. That annoying little voice keeps challenging me to do the event that I have been dreaming of. I tried to keep it silent, but it refuses to listen to me.

Then I didn’t know what came over me, I took that bold plunge eventually and asked the team for February 2017 calendar. I scanned through the dates and then booked two dates confidently. As I entered the building’s lift that I realized I only have less than 2 months to do everything! What was I thinking??

Telling myself not to panic, I researched through the net and noticed that most events of similar capacity needs at least 10 to 12 months lead preparation time.

Too late now I thought. March on. So I rolled my sleeves up and got to work. I do not have a big team of 10. In fact my office can only fit 4. But I am blessed with my left and right wing team mates, one an intern and one a work from home mom. Yes, I called it the 2.5 team. 2 full time and 1 works from home.

Together we worked hard. In between meetings with suppliers, Management and responding to vendor’s enquiries, I need to monitor team’s progress. My mobile phone is my 2nd office. I am grateful they knew their roles well and we even update each other at 2am in the mornings!

My point is that, I just proved myself that I am NOT CRAZY. It is the first big event, I am sure there might be small hiccups (Lord, may it be a smooth one!) but we pulled it off despite shorter preparation time and resources.

I also proved that it doesn’t matter if you are just a MOM or an INTERN, you can make it work provided that your LEADER works well in managing timeline etc. Not to pat on my back for no reason, but I believe I did just that.

Having being in Corporate for years have groomed me to lead & managed well. We are not a BIG company to shout out about. I grew this humbly from nothing. I started with just RM1.5k in my pocket but a LOT of hustling and networking. I fell down more than I get up. But it’s ok. While nurturing the dream, I met people that show me what is true friendships and not. Some stayed and some go in different direction. At least I learnt that not everyone IS your friend or could grow together with you 🙂

Growing in hardships during my younger years have prepped me to be resilient. Everything that I have, I have to work for it. I remembered saving all my angpows (those days we get so little) so I can buy a RM25 walkman and my first cassette, Mega Hits 1. I remembered working part time in KFC at age 14 so I could pay my tuition fee. I remembered borrowing RM30 from a good friend so I can buy my first black Bata court shoes for work.

I know this small company that I built may seems like nothing to some. But to me, it is my dream, blood, sweat and tears. I know we don’t work with big corporations or receives HUGE funding to start and accelerate like fire, and move to posh office and have in house techs and full fledged customer service, but we did baby steps and grow organically, bootstrapping all the way.

Someday we WILL get there. I know it. Continue with take baby steps.

So if you have a dream, go for it. And if you know anyone that is still in a growing phase, bootstrapping all the way, be nice. Help them whenever you can. Don’t pooh pooh their effort just because you are in a BETTER position.

You may not have similar beginnings like them, but like you, they too hope for a better life and even worked hard for it. Give them credit where its due.

Do come and visit our event next weekend and support our Womenpreneurs & Mompreneurs. You will be amazed with what you will find. Most importantly, don’t forget to sit through the 2 days LIVE Sharing Session with successful Womenpreneurs & Mompreneurs specially invited for the event!

Click HERE for latest updates on the event.

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