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Masters In Disguise : The Demons Amongst Us

criminals amongst us

I am disgusted from reading the recent news on child raping, animal abusers and murderers.

Read these:

And many more!


I don’t know about you – but I feel, it’s NOT okay to cover or blur faces of child rapists, murderers and animals abusers on the media. Because if you blur them – how do we even know if we’re in the same room with bunch of these assholes? he could have stand right next to you in train stations plotting his next crime!

And why do we need to be “nice” and keep their identity hidden? Out of humanity? But when they committed those crimes, did they even think of ONE?

To me its very simple, you kill, you rape, you abuse – you pay for the mistakes – you face the music – you clean up your mess. Chances are they have done it before and 95% will do it again out of thrill and habit. Old habits die hard.

Now don’t tell me they do it out of rage or some mental state bulls&^%. No need to defend them to that extend. Defending them only means you “forgive” them until they do it again and again and by then it will be too late.

I sincerely feel they can do their part and make it up to the society by offering themselves as medical test objects. After all, the medicines are for humans right? Why test on animals? And instead of feeding these criminals for FREE using tax payers money – get them to WORK from jail!

Every day we read disturbing news or cases committed by humans themselves and here we have some human claiming themselves to be “Superior” over everything on earth. Really? Who started war then? Who kill his own brothers and sisters over greed, revenge and lust?

The number of humans that are SICK in the mind and heart is on the rise. Sometimes I felt numb and speechless to describe the kind of “humans” we have today. I really don’t think they deserve to be called humans, they should be rightfully labeled as Satans or demons that are disguise of humans.

What are your thoughts on this? Should we allow these demons to roam on the street and not knowing how they look like or who they are? What guarantee can you give that they will never strike again?

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