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May 9th 2018: A Historical day for Malaysians.

Tun Dr Mahathir

I have never thought that I would live to witness this change.

60 years of being under the same ruling, the table has turned yesterday.

May, 9th 2018 is a day that will be remembered by many Malaysians and I hope this historical date will get into our Malaysia history books.

Honestly, I can’t explain the overwhelming feelings I had in the past two days and I knew I have to share it here on Steemit. The intensity within those two days is like a huge wave of electric shock that can revive any dead soul to life!

Knowing that this posting will be part of the Blockchain for many years to come, I hope that when I stumble upon this again someday, I get to relive that feelings and memories.

For one that seldom watch the television, I have never stayed glued to the idiot box, internet and mobile phone – all at the same time for almost 48 hours! It’s crazy! Hubby and I were taking turns monitoring the numbers, refreshing feeds, switching between local internet lines to VPN in order to get live updates.

I get updates from friends even when we are miles apart from one another (thanks to Facebook!) and it was truly an experience that I will never forget! I drank mugs of coffee just to stay awake and only slept 3 hours before waking up to ensure that I didn’t miss the following day 11am press conference. The television is literally switched on until the live telecast of official appointment.

I wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss anything at all.

Yesterday, May 9th 2018 and today, May 10th 2018, what was once seems impossible became possible with the power of will, prayers and unity from the people that relentlessly fought for change.

I would be lying if I say I didn’t shed a tear to witness this. Having done my part as a citizen of this country, I prayed hard that it will not go to waste. I am grateful that it didn’t and God even gave us a chance to be part of it. It will definitely be a story to share with our future generations.

This historical change not only will impact lives, but has inspired many. The man that was part of the change process and made it happened for all us is already 93 years old. He could have retired in peace, enjoying this retirement years doing what he love with the ones he love. But he didn’t.

Instead he uses every molecules of his energy to push for change.
And today, he showed us that age is just a number. His body may give way due to the aging process, but his mind is just as sharp and his will is just as strong.

It wasn’t easy for him to get to where he is today.

He left the politics 15 years ago and then came back again responding to the pleas of people that wanted Change. For him to come back again, he has to restart all over. He faced challenges from people that questioned his motives. Images of him on banners were defaced, he was denied entry to important places and yet he take it all in like a warrior. Even his telecast videos were intercepted by people who didn’t welcome him.

He didn’t care what these people are up to behind his back, he is more concerned of making things right again and the only way is to push himself back into the pit – a place he is familiar with 15 years ago. I believe he has thought long and hard of his decision. He knew what was coming.

Because of what he did, he renewed my hope in our country again. He renewed the hope of many that thought they will never get to experience change – ever.

He became a role model to me all over again. I never looked at him the same way I did when I was back in primary school. And now, he is my hero and one that will fuel my inner spirit whenever I need a push.

Thank you Tun M, because you came back for us even when you have a choice to leave it all behind and never look back.

Looking forward to support your work in rebuilding Malaysia again – back to where she was before.

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