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Meet the Ultimate Planning Team!

Ultimate Planning Team

I am amazed to observe this team during our recent event in TTDI.

Their energy is really amazing. And what surprises me is that the team comprises of family members!

Yep! There is a father, mother and daughter in this team at the event with us. It’s a family business and they run it with gusto. So I knew I had to interview them to find out why they chose to run this within the family.

So I interviewed Sher (the daughter) to learn more about the business and what drives her to be in this business with her family instead.


HP: Hi Sher, can you introduce yourself to the member and what do you currently do?

Sher: Hi, my name is Sher, I am a Wealth Planner with UPN Agency. My principle is the Prudential Assurance Malaysia Bhd. I have been in this industry for 4 years now, and am glad that I made the decision to switch to this industry/business. As a Wealth Planner you need to be full time but yet in control of the time.


HP: We noticed that you currently work in this business where your team is your family. Can share with us what made you decided to work as a team? Did your parents groom you to do it?

Sher: You are right! It is actually a family business, my Mom is actually the manager, my Dad is the Assistant Manager and I have even gotten my cousins, cousin’s in law to be in this business too! My Mom actually provides us the training, she and dad has helped me on joint field works to meet potential new clients or recruits, to make sure I get my facts right and that our clients gets the top notch services by responding to them their needs whenever there are any enquiries.


HP: What was it like to work as a family in the same business, do you face moments of disagreement at times? How do you approach/pitch to customers/clients?

Sher: Of course there are moments of disagreements but it isn’t as intimidating as I thought it would be initially before joining them and they are usually just minor ones.
Mum has always taught me to be truthful and sincere when approaching new clients and of course I believe in not being pushy but by creating awareness in them why being insured is important. We have seen and experienced many real life cases that we feel we should highlight to those who are unaware of how crucial it is that we protect the income of the client and their legacy (loved ones’ well-being).

In this family business, we get to support one another as a team. We understand each other and if one of us is sick or away, we can attend to each other’s clients’ needs whenever there is an emergency. This gives our clients peace of mind that we will always be there for them.


HP: What’s your best selling product?

Sher: Personally I would have to say that the Children’s protection, savings & education plan is one of our best products. The other is the income protection & retirement plan. Child policy is because things will change once you become a parent. You become more responsible towards this new life you brought into this world and will make the proper planning to protect your baby. For the income and protection policy, it is a much cheaper or reasonable option to protect your family in millions (half a million is minimum) with only a small fee per month. It is also an investment link plan and my clients use this for MLTA purposes in their housing loans, which are transferable.

If anyone wants more information about this feel free to contact me anytime, no obligation to sign up until you understand about the plans.


HP: Why did you choose to do this as a career/business? What drives you?

Sher: I lost my grandparents within a short span of two years and the wake-up call is that people will pass away eventually and sometimes suddenly.

What if there is a premature death of the parents when the children are still young? Or how about when there is no more income left to support their education?

My father-in-law was diagnosed with throat cancer and I also lost my best friend due to blood cancer. This also brings awareness of funds to get treatment.  I’ve seen how people suffer in and out of hospitals because funds were just not enough.

I used to be in the trading line, helping clients make money in the stock market. I used to think what happens when the market plunge? And at the same time they needed money for treatment or education?

Especially during the recent MH incidents (where some of the victims are our clients), we assist their next of kin with the insurance payout. It is situations like this that makes me want to be in this business more, to help more people. To make more Malaysians aware that life insurance is important and that they do serve a good purpose.


HP: What do you aspire to achieve with this business?

Sher: Hopefully awareness on financial planning and to help more young people achieve their financial goals by planning for their retirement early or help families plan for their children’s education and medical coverages.


HP: What kind of satisfaction did you get out of this business?

Sher: Being appreciated with the services that I provided to them and whenever they listened to our advice makes me happy. We are not just insurance agents, we are wealth planners too. We help build and prepare people to reach their financial goals. It is a must have product.


HP:  How and where do you foresee the direction of the business that you are in?

Sher: Right now, according to LIAM, only 42% of the population in Malaysia are well insured. In Singapore, it is 200% and in Hong Kong, it is 400%. I hope to reach out to these people to show them how important it is to protect yourself and your loved ones. Malaysia is still very young in this but there is potential.


HP: How do you keep yourself motivated and driven?

Sher: My family and my daughter especially. They are the reason I wake up every day early to get all my work done. They gave me positive energy.


HP:  Any challenges or setbacks faced while you pursue your goal?

Sher: Generally every sales person will definitely face rejection one too many times in their lives. What I can do is to try my best everyday reaching out to them. It does not matter if I get the sale in the end or otherwise, what’s more important is that I create awareness to them. I am all ears with any enquiries you have and will try my ultimate best to serve.


HP: What are your daily activities like?

Sher: I wake up at 7am every morning. Have my breakfast, do the laundry, shower and prepare breakfast for my family. I start doing some work until my daughter wakes up, then I play with her a while and give her a bath. If I have pending work to do, I will dress her up and feed her before putting her in the car seat and drive to wherever my appointment would be. If not, I would stay at home and do my work while she takes her afternoon naps.


HP: Do you have website/social media account for this business?

Sher: Yes we do. We have a website at http://www.upn.com.my. The site will display our key directors, our goals, motivation and our objectives. We are very transparent. You can also reach me via email sher@upn.com.my or add me on Facebook, look for Sher Sah.


HP: What do you think about HerPortal.com and how do you think it can help you in your projects/mission?

Sher: HerPortal helps provide me a platform that connects me to Women and Moms that are keen to work on a flexible but professional job and earn income at their own time.

Besides working on a flexible time, our income increases with every case that we close. We get 3 years bonus for a 1 year work. This is definitely a dream job for all moms out there who would like to spend more time with their children but at the same time to contribute income to the household.


HP: Where do you see yourself and the business going 5 years from now?

Sher: In 5 years from now, I would like to expand my business to recruit 100 professional agents to help us spread awareness to Malaysians out there.

I too, can help in training and coaching the young ones. In this industry, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.


HP: Do you have a superhero/or people that inspire you in your life? How do they inspire you?

Sher: My own mum. She has been my leader, my business partner and my life as well. She single handedly raised me and my sister, as my dad is always away at work.

She has been in this line for almost 20 years now and had managed to send me to England and my sister to Australia to study while managing the household as well.

She used to advise us this “We ladies must be well educated and be willing to help the society while contributing to family financially…” I am eternally grateful for her advice and wish I could be half as strong as she is in time to come. I still have lots to learn!


HP:  What do you think the challenges that Moms/Women faced at work/life these days? And how do you think society or employers can help?

Sher: Basically before I became a Mother, I never understood why it was so important to leave work early or why Mothers are always late for work. Especially with breastfeeding mums, who find it so difficult in an environment, which are mostly male dominated and not breastfeeding friendly.

If employers can give early hours off to be with their kids, e.g. 6 hours a day or to have a longer maternity leave, or no pay leave for a maximum of 6 months as mothers need to nurse their newborn baby – that would be excellent!

As for the society, please allow to have a fast lane for mothers with children at food stalls, bus ride, monorail, or even in hospital.

The government should implement a zebra crossing at school area instead of climbing up a high pedestrian bridge to cross over. This will definitely be helpful for mothers who need to pick up older children and bringing the little ones on stroller.


HP: That’s really an excellent suggestion Sher! Wow, you really did thought well on this. We’re glad to have you interviewed and hopefully Women & Mothers will explore Financial Planning business as a way to earn income. We agree that everyone should be prepared for unexpected situations at all times, especially when funds are involved. We hope to have you again in our future events Sher!

Sher: Thank you again for the opportunity to be interviewed and yes! Look forward to join HerPortal in your next activities.

Sher (middle) with Mom, Dad (extreme right) and the rest of her team members.
The team get together at an event.
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