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That ‘Lavin’ Journey from Show Business to Image Consulting.

Lavin Seow Workshop

I have seen Lavin as an actress in local Chinese TV series back in the late 90s to early 2000, and she’s truly a talented one!

Her acting as a mean sister or loving daughter is so convincing that you can either love her or hate her character in the movie.

I had a privilege to interview this incredible and beautiful mother of 4 boys, yes 4 boys! And no one could tell she’s a mother until you get to know her well!

A humble and down to earth person, Lavin is an inspiration to most working women & mother out there. From the way she took care of herself and her family, enough to let us know she is a strong & determined woman inside and out. We hope Lavin story will inspire you as well.

Here’s our interview with Lavin.

When did you first start your business/venture?
I started my new venture 2 years ago.

What drives you to start the initiative/business?
Even though I started my business only two years ago, I had already started sharing and conducting my workshops 8 years ago! Being a full time actress for more than 20 years, sharing and seeing people changed or transformed after my workshop, I was really touched and I think feeling fulfilled is priceless! That’s why I decided to go all the way into my new venture.

How well does the market responded to your business?
I am very blessed that, because of word of mouth from my students, more people came to me and responded well to my business. Of course, there were other challenging times as well but we pull through.

Did you get any help when starting out?
Yes, I did. My partner Dato Sharon Foong encouraged me and supported me throughout the journey.

What kind of challenges did you face when you first starting out?
Since I am an artist for many years, I find it quite challenging when it comes to managing and strategize a new business and even when I started the company there were a lot of details that I wasn’t familiar with.

How did you overcome those challenges?
I am blessed that a lot of good friends helped me out and along the way I take the opportunity to learn better myself and went for training to brush up skills that I was not good at.

How long were you in the business that you manage to break even?
It took us about a year plus to break even.

When did you make your first breakthrough in business?
I would say my company is still pretty new at this point and still have ways to learn, so I must not say I have reached my breakthrough at this moment yet, but I believe if we are doing it genuinely, the breakthrough will eventually come.

Have you faced situations where you barely have enough to make ends meet and what did you do about it?
Yes, I did have that experience. We just hang on to the situation and pray to get over it.

How big is the team that you have now?
Currently there are 10 of us in a team right now.

How did you earn from the business?
We earned from creating personal image & branding workshops.

How did you market or promote your business when you first started?
When I first started I urged my students to share their testimony to friends and then I promoted it through social media.

What is the best way to create awareness for your business?
I found the best way is still the testimonies from my students and living my life as an example so others can find out why it works.

What comes to your mind when you hear “Women Empowerment”?
‘Women Empowerment’ means a lot to me , I believe every woman needs knowledge, wisdom, experience to grow each day, therefore ‘Women Empowerment’ is to empower women through all the above!

Who was your biggest supporter when you starting out your business?
Dato Sharon Foong is my biggest supporter when I started out. She is also my mentor and partner.

If you could start all over again, what will you better?
If I have to start all over again, I would probably like to avoid my past mistakes so I can make sure it didn’t slow down my growth.

What is your business growth like 10 years from now?
10 years from now I am hoping to have more branches all over the world, to share more with people around the world and learn from each other.

What’s your top 3 advice for Women who wanted to start their own business?
To start your own business, women must have these 3 things, 1. Courage 2. Knowledge 3. Make the right Decision.

What’s your advise to Women who have no idea what they wanted to do in their life (still in search of their life direction)?
I encourage women that have no direction or goal in life must not forget their own value and worth. It is crucial to understand what’s our purpose and direction in life.

What is your brutal honest advise to Women who finds/gives excuse (self-limiting) in pursuing their dreams.
Learn to love yourself! When you start loving yourself, you will know what you can achieve in life. Recall what was once your dream, regardless of what your age is, try your best to fulfil it!

If you fail in your business venture earlier, what do you foresee yourself doing now?
Failure does not define who I am, I am not afraid of failure. If I fail, I will learn from pass and come back stronger!

Which business personality do you look up to and why?
I personally like Michelle Mone, she is definitely an extraordinary woman that made her dream came true, she is courageous and strong, wise and hardworking.

How do you maintain balance while running your business (family & personal)?
I have a very good time management skill, I prepare everything that I wanted to do a day or few days before. I plan according to my children schedule and my meetings and trainings. I try to spend quality time with family and work wisely.

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