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What happens when Women comes together?

when women comes together

It was a privilege to spend an afternoon in a room full of women (and few brave men!) that you cant help but feel energised at the end of the day, now that you have done your part of sharing and hope you have inspired at least some of them.

Wonderwomen Asia
Angie from WonderWomen Asia sharing her journey.

Apparently, most of the ladies in the audience were from Penang and my guess is that they are there to support the organizer which is also from Penang themselves. Now that is the kind of support we don’t get to experience every day. Never knew Penang ladies are entrepreneurial too!

Wonderwomen meetup
With one of the panelist, cant help but got inspired by her journey battling cancer.

The most enjoyable session is of course, having the panelists shared their journey. Including myself. Who knows behind every smile there are sad stories and struggles that each of us has faced before we reach to where we are today. Its a humbling experience to see that coming from these ladies – there were short teary moments as the sharing gets overwhelmed.

women get together

We allow ourselves to be vulnerable during the session because we know the journey to success is never easy. And naturally as women, we don’t mind to show that side of us because we know we have sisterhood support and sometimes that is exactly what we need to keep going.

This reminded me of all the Founding Women Get Together event that we used to do. It is a short 2 hour get together meeting over coffee where women gets to share their journey and network at the same time. It has been successful until I got caught up with a lot of things on my plate lately. Perhaps we should revive it and do it again!

WonderWomen Asia Meetup
WonderWomen Asia (previously known as Herportal) meetup in the early days. This was in 2016.

I recalled all those women that used to attend our get together events. I am glad that a few of them have done so well and got benefited from the meetup when they first kickstarted their ventures. From the meetup, they made many new friends and customers. This opened up to collaborations and potential businesses. At the end of the day, nobody left without accomplishing something. Not necessarily immediate but building relationships that benefited mutually over the years.

Wonderwomen Asia Angie
At our WonderWomen Asia meetups, we ecouraged active discussions.

Women needs support – especially emotionally. And that is what all these similar meetups are for. The most important thing is to set the right objective, mindset and expectation when you attend an event of this kind. Nothing works miraculously the first time, but it can happen.

wonderwomen meetup
WonderWomen Meetup at Bangsar

Look out for our announcement when we organise our next meetup. It’s time to revive back what used to be good and benefited us. Look out for Founding Women Get Together events on our Facebook. I hope to see you there and get to know you better.

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