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What if you can smell “JOY”?


To be honest, I wasn’t really sure about the efficacy of essential oils until this lovely lady, Fang Yi gave me few samples of essential oils from a US brand called doTERRA to bring home and try. The oils proved me otherwise.

During our first meet up, we parted with her giving away generous amount of oils of various types for me to try at home. Earlier, I informed her that I needed some help with my right knee. Well, the usual wear and tear, my knee showed some signs of ‘aging’. Not a very good thing to know actually. Doctor says it’s normal and the symptom kicked in fast due to an old injury as well. I used to be a sports person back in school many years ago.

When I was ready for bed the very same night, I took out the oils and applied on my knee as instructed. But what blew me away was an oil called “BALANCE”. I rubbed them under my feet and even applied them on my daughter’s feet. Within seconds, we both lulled into dream land. It was so relaxing that I never felt so calm and I woke up fresh the next day.

Then the next night, I read the booklets that was given to me the two days ago. I learnt a lot about the oils itself, its organic and its efficacy proven. You can even apply them on babies and into food!

I am not the type that will simply buy things, but these oils actually work that I placed my order for a few bottles that suits my needs. One of them is called “ELEVATION”. I never actually smell ELEVATION before, but from the positive reviews of this oil that I’ve read, it’s actually a joyful blend and believed to lift up anyone in moments of uncertainty. A mood reliever is just what I need after a hard day at work!

Okay, let’s get to know about this lovely lady shall we? We actually met at one of my networking session last year. If you don’t know her well yet, she may appear to look reserve but her mind is always thinking! She studied accounts (that explains where the analytical part of her coming from!), never settled, she’s always trying new things and she make sure her life journey is always interesting!

Here’s an interview that we did with her:

1. Hi, introduce yourself to the member and what do you currently do?

Hello, my name is Fang Yi, single, in my late thirties, and I live in Petaling Jaya with my parents. I am a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA – what that means is that I introduce people to the products of the company, help them learn how to use it and earn commissions through their purchases of the products.

2. What did you do previously and how long did you realize that you wanted to do something on your own?

I was an auditor for 13 years. And in 2011 I decided to quit from the rat race to spend more time finding myself and to be with my family.

3. Why did you choose to do this business? What drives you?
I sort of just chanced upon it. I was going from healing class to self improvement class to meditation circles up to the point where I thought it would be nice to have something which could help me generate income while learning what I needed to learn. In one of those sessions I got to know that one of the tools they used (ie pure, therapeutic grade essential oils) to help people get better in those self-help courses was available as a distributorship via a network marketing structure. The idea appealed to me mainly because I could use it both for myself and at the same time I could help others, and it would make me the money I could use for other parts of my life. It feels great to be doing something like this.

4. Explain more about the business.

I see the business about connecting people to high quality, natural, effective and fun to use health and wellness products. The core products range from certified pure therapeutic grade (CPTG) essential oils, skin and body care, food supplements to household cleaning products, which incorporate CPTG essential oils as the key ingredient.

As a member, you get to purchase the products at wholesale discounts and earn loyalty reward points redeemable for free products. And when you share your experiences of using these products with friends, you receive referral commissions for introducing them.

5. What kind of satisfaction did you get out of this business?

a) I am a person who likes to continuously learn. Working in this business requires me to research and share information about staying healthy, why people get sick, functions of the physical body, and what can be done other than surrendering all power to our current healthcare system (I am not anti-medicine, but I would like to say that I am pro-choice) – and as we age and more undesirable elements enter our living environment, all this knowledge is becoming more important and requiring more attention in my own family. Being involved in discussions, classes, sharing sessions that evolve around these topics makes me very very happy, somehow.

b) Satisfaction also comes from hearing about success stories shared by the people whom I have helped to use the oils.

6. How and where do you foresee the direction of the business you are in?

I see the future of this business as very bright. The products are really effective – they virtually sell themselves – once people have had an experience with it they are most certain to want to use them. In connection with distribution of the products, there is also a lot of opportunity around providing education and awareness to people who want more control over achieving health and wellness of themselves and that of their loved ones.

7. What do you aspire to achieve at the end of the day?

At the end of the day, I want to make it a strong and self-sustainable network of wellness advocates who, through living healthy and happy lives themselves, make the communities they are in better places to live. More people with happy body, mind and souls in this world.

8. Anything special for the members?

We are always striving to make it fun and easy to buy and use doTERRA, so the company supports this by providing excellent promotions which are available to members if they sign up to join us. I am fortunate to have joined this network of truly inspiring, dedicated and generous leaders who truly care about their members.

We will be featuring Fang Yi and doTERRA essential oils sessions in our EVENTS calendar this year. If you like to attend our coffee session to know more about the oils and how it can help you in specific areas, do let us know! 🙂

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  1. Dear Angie

    Thank you so much for this feature. 🙂 I feel very honoured that you chose to write about me. Will do my best to provide supportive information to this awesome group that you have here…

    Best wishes for a great year ahead and may blessings of joy, prosperity and perfect health come your way every day!

    Fang Yi

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