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What’s with the EMPTY Profile Page?

profile page

Here’s the thing.

You sign up for a Facebook page, or any social pages, and yet we only know your NAME which is probably NOT REAL. And then nothing else.

When we tried to get to know you. You simply “doesn’t exist”.

So why bother create an account if you DON’T USE IT?

I get it if you want to be mysteriously “anonymous”, but seriously? WonderWomen Asia is a Social Page for Women. We came here to SHARE, NETWORK, SEEK ADVISE, PROMOTE OUR BUSINESS and LEARN from one another.

If you don’t use this opportunity that is in FRONT of you by creating an account – then what exactly are you here for?

Are you afraid that people may “STEAL” your information?

Here’s news for you – Your information on Facebook or Instagram or ANY other Social Media is not safe too. What makes you think your account is immune from anything? You want to be safe then don’t sign up for any Social Media account. There is a reason why an account is called “Social”. Its meant to be put out there for people to know you 🙂

While we don’t have the same functions like those established social media pages where you can store hundreds and thousands of photos, there is NO reason for us to steal yours or do anything with it. Its useless for us.

Your profile is important to us so at least we know that you are LEGIT. 

That you are not Bobo The Clown or Jane The Reaper. 

Perhaps we should make it a COMPULSORY for new users to complete their profiles before an account is approved?

Hey, at least we too do something at our end to ensure that all our genuine users are safe from Bobo and Jane!

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