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When babies can’t sleep, you need Sarah Ong!

Sarah Ong When Babies Can't Sleep

Previously she was one of the first employers that had tried our Job Portal services when we first started.

We first met Sarah Ong in person at one of our Coffee networking events with Members.

Humble and friendly, that was the first impression we had when we first met her. She didn’t introduce herself as Sarah Ong, the Sleep Champ Baby founder. She was like your everyday girlfriend, blending in and chatting away with the other members!

Now meet Sarah Ong, The only professional (and certified!) Baby Sleep Coach – and the only one we knew of in Malaysia!

To be honest (well in my opinion as the author of this interview), she should have been in the industry when I had trouble putting my daughter to sleep when she was a few days old! 🙁 And that was 8 years ago!

Being a new Mom at that time, my new baby did not come with an instruction or how-to list on what I should do with her if she can’t sleep, or what milk formula we should get for her when I couldn’t breastfeed her at that time (too stress until I couldn’t breastfeed her) or what to do when she was teething and having fever with vomits a couple of times. I was literally a walking zombie during the first two months when she was born. I was a mess with no helper 🙁 How I wish Sarah was already a Baby Sleep Coach at that time!

So I conveniently told her at the event (where we first met) that I will engage her service for my next child –well, if the stork ever drop me a new baby-lah! I guess the stork (stork is a mythical bird that uses it’s long beak to carry babies on baby carriers to new parents) had forgotten my house address!

Sarah is a Mom of two beautiful girls and she used to have a career before embarking on her entrepreneurial journey 3 years ago.

Nothing comes easy for a start, but this feisty Mom went through it all and made it. Though she humbly mentioned that she still has a long way to go, we believe she can go further – probably setting up the first SLEEP INSTITUTE in Malaysia? Hey, who knows right?

Here’s an interesting interview that we have done with her recently. Find out what makes her motivated to embark on the journey and what drives her to be where she is today.


HP: Hi, introduce yourself to the member and what do you currently do?

Sarah: My name is Sarah Ong and I am a certified baby sleep coach. I am the founder of sleepchampbaby.com. I am also a certified breastfeeding counsellor. I have been featured in Parenthood, Mami & Baby, Ma & Pa, The Star, Harian Metro, The Heat, BFM, Focus, and Bella on ntv7. I help frustrated and exhausted moms who are struggling with their baby or toddler sleep issues through my baby sleep programs so that their child feels connected and confident to sleep through the night.


HP:  What did you do previously and how long did you realize that you wanted to do something on your own?

Sarah: My last job was a full time job as an Account Manager in Viacom International Media Networks, specifically for Nickelodeon and MTV Asia channels. I have always wanted to something on my own, but I never could pin it down what I wanted to do exactly. Having children have definitely sparked it for me. They are my inspiration.


HP: How long have you left your job to focus on this? How long were you in the business until you earn your first real income?

Sarah: I quit my job in July 2013. I was doing this business on the side since December 2012, it took me about a month of setting up and marketing my business when I earned my first income.


HP: Why did you choose to do this business? What drives you?

Sarah: I chose this because of a couple of reasons:

One is out of my own sleep deprivation and I know how painful and frustrating situation to be in. So I took it upon myself to be the one helping other tired and frustrated moms in Malaysia since there is no one doing it.

The other reason is because I want to offer a third option to sleep. In baby sleep, there is sleep training or controlled crying method and not many moms are a fan of this method. So they put up with the sleepless nights for years, thinking this frequent night waking is normal. I want to educate parents that there is a third option – where both mom & baby sleep needs to be met!


HP: Explain more about the business itself. What are you currently focus on in the business? Do you have any employees? Where do you operate your business?

Sarah: I’m currently focusing on creating an online course where busy parents can learn the steps of my program in their own time and speed. I currently work on my own from home. My clients meet me at Baby & Beyond Clinic Publika for private consultations.


HP: What kind of satisfaction did you get out of this business?

Sarah: I get plenty of satisfaction! To be able to educate and improve mom & baby’s relationship is so satisfying.


HP: How and where do you foresee the direction of the business you are in?

Sarah: I would love for my business to grow where I will be training others who want to be in the baby sleep business.


HP:  What do you aspire to achieve?

Sarah: I would like to be an inspiration to other moms that it is never too late to go after your dreams, and having children is not an obstacle to achieving those dreams whatever it may be for them.


HP: How do you keep yourself motivated and driven?

Sarah: By constantly reminding myself WHY I’m doing this and what my deepest purpose is, taking up courses for personal development, courses and trainings to improve my business, making a choice about my circle of friends – who I want to be around with and who makes me feel good about my choices, as well as having trusted listening partners who allow me to offload negative feelings so that I always stay clear headed and focused.


HP: Any challenges or setbacks faced while you pursue your goal?

Sarah: Definitely! I’ve had people who put down what I do, things not turning out as how I expected them to be, balancing the work from home and mommy duties, and so on.


HP:  What are your daily activities like?

Sarah: I am a fan of batching things. I want to be better at planning my weekly, monthly and yearly schedule. So in a week, I typically have a day or two where I work IN my business – replying emails, consulting with clients and giving talks, two days where I work ON my business – creating, marketing and networking and one day where I just catch up on household stuff and grocery shopping.


HP: How do you keep your business afloat?

Sarah: By focusing a lot on the 80/20 rule: 80% marketing and 20% working in my business.


HP: What do you think about HerPortal.com and how do you think it can help you in your projects/mission?

Sarah: I think HerPortal.com is a fantastic platform for mothers to find short hour or part time jobs so that they can be empowered to also provide for their family, no matter how small the contribution is.  I have already used their services before to advertise for a virtual assistant job, and would definitely consider using it again in future. Specifically for freelancers who are into writing and designing.


HP: Do you currently have a website/social media page for customers to visit & contact you?

Sarah: Yes, I operate mainly from www.SleepChampBaby.com. I have a personal branding website at www.SarahOng.club. Parents can also contact me via my Facebook page at www.fb.com/LikeSarahOng.


HP: What do you think of the future of this business moving forward?

Sarah: Moving forward, I see this business diversifying into a parenting support hub. Not just with sleep but with other parenting struggles as well.


HP: Do you any superhero/people that inspires you in your life?

Sarah: Marion Rose, Aware Parenting Instructor Level 2, my mentor, my support, my inspiration. Kristin Thompson, founder of Speak Serve Grow, who is my inspiration in crafting a super rocking talk. Patty Wipfler, founder of Hand in Hand Parenting who is on a mission to bring listening to and accepting our children’s feelings to mainstream parenting. Jana Kingsford, founder of MomsJugglingAct.com who has created a 6 figure business while raising 3 kids.


HP: How do you spend time with your family?

Sarah: With my husband, generally in the evenings watching TV or have conversations after the children are asleep. With my two daughters, by spending 20-30 minutes a day for Present Time (one on one undistracted time) where they are in charge of what to play and I follow the lead. On the weekends, we like to go out to the movies, dinner, check out new kids activities and places where they can have fun.


HP: What do you think the challenges that Women/Moms are facing today, and how you think that can be resolved?

Sarah: I think moms these days are parenting in isolation. What that means is that we don’t get the kind of support we could get if we were living in a village or community where our children can be cared for by someone else. To make it worse, we are constantly judged by other parents about our parenting choices. This makes moms feel even more isolated and alone in their parenting struggles. To resolve this, I believe we as moms ourselves, we should be more supportive of whatever decision another mom makes because to her, that is the best thing she can offer to her child – based on her own beliefs, upbringing and values that are important to her. It may be the total opposite of our beliefs and parenting style, and that is OKAY.


HP: What is your advice for those Women/Moms who want to come out and do their own business?

Sarah: Firstly, believe in yourself that you can do it. Even if you think there are millions of other people who are already doing what you do, your voice matters. People would be drawn to your values, your personality, your brand and your message. Secondly, getting the right kind of support is VITAL for your business growth. This could mean support from spouse, friends who are in business, a business coach, a life coach and so on. Thirdly, invest in yourself! Take courses, trainings, workshops that will benefit you and your business. Never stop learning.


HP: Can you recall in those days how you started your business, did you fund it with own fund or loan? And how long was your journey like until you feel your success?

Sarah: I started with my own personal savings first and was bootstrapping all the way. I have been in this journey for almost 3 years no and I suppose success to me means that my work is recognized by pediatricians, lactation consultants and other child development therapists. My clients are happy with the results they see, so they help me to spread the word around about my programs. I also get to choose when I want to work, it helps me strive for a balance between work and my family.


HP: Back in those days how do you market your services?

Sarah: A lot of it was through word of mouth, SEO and Facebook Ads (which I was terrible at!)


HP: Any memorable experience in your business that you will never forget?

Sarah: The first time I had to do public speaking and being interviewed was such a nerve-wracking experience! I would rehearse and practice beforehand, and then had cold sweat by just being in the studio or on stage and then losing my words and important points I wanted to get across. LOLS!

However, these days, I would snap up any opportunity to speak to a crowd! I love the energy I get from being in front of the room and getting people to interact with me.


HP: Thank you Sarah! We really appreciate your time to do this with us. Thanks so much again for your support. We look forward to have you in our next engagement events!

Sarah: No mention, my pleasure always!

Sarah at one of Parents Engagement Event/Workshop.
Newspaper article on Sarah’s services.
Newspaper article on Sarah’s services.


Newspaper article on Sarah’s services.
Have a burning desire to ask Sarah about parenting issues? She now conducts Webinars and even posted them on YouTube. Check out the next Webinar from her website & Facebook page!



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