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When Women Come Together, Incredible Things Happen!

WonderWomen Asia Meetup

I have finally decided to bring our Founding Women Get Together back again this year after a hiatus and this round we’re planning to share about our journey and experiences with Steemit thus far to encourage more Women to come on board.

It is nothing technical or in depth, just a brief intro of what Steemit is all about and how it impacted some of us.

I have been discussing weeks before this with @coloringiship on sharing our experiences on Steemit to the ladies that were already on my Women’s platform. It is not easy to set the dates because of our schedules as both of us are Moms (with no helper!) and while I run my own business, she is a stay at home mom.

I wish to thank @perennial for being kind enough to offer his expertise and willing to share valuable information on Corporate/business law to our ladies. Many of us did not realize how important business law is when setting up or running a business, especially when it comes to drafting contracts and agreements. Some of us can’t even tell the proper difference between a “Partnership” or a “Limited Liability”.

It’s always been part of the event’s itinerary where we usually do an intro about each other (the participants) and what best way to do it but over light refreshments.

Our Founding Women Get Together event has always been small and personal. But it is not about how big or well sponsored an event is but how the takeaway impacts the participants.

Come to think of it, we have been doing this since 2014 (2016 is when I changed the event’s name to Founding Women Get Together) and almost everyone that had participated has either found new friendships, created collaborations with each other and some even embarked on successful businesses after much encouragement from one another. Yes, that’s the power of sisterhood!

While I promise no miracles, I do believe everyone draws positive energy towards one another when they come together with a common goal. Those that were on crossroads has somehow found their calling and gain enough strengths to pursue their dreams. I can only be proud of those who took action and make it work to their advantage.

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey – especially if you are a woman or moms.

I usually do most of my work in the evenings (that is why my Steemit’s posting is always either past midnight or wee hour) as my day time were filled with either going to appointments, working on contents, business planning with partners and staff, and managing the household chores like washing, cleaning, mopping and cooking. Not to mention I also have 6 indoor cats to manage and recently minding over a rescued kitty. And before dedicating my time in the evening for the remaining bulk of work, I spend time with my daughter over her school projects, tests or even watching TV together. We chat about she do in school, what she ate for lunch and stories about her friends.

Sometimes I wish I could do more, but there is only so much time we have in a day.

By conducting the women’s get together, not only we get to make new friends, we also get to share our journey and even encourage one another – because we are all in the same boat, trying to make a living out of what we know best!

Currently there is no membership fee to join our Founding Women Get Together events. Only a minimal token of fee to cover the venue rent & F&B. However moving forward, once we relaunched our revamped portal, we might package it in our upgraded Membership pack. It will still be affordable, don’t worry!

So ladies (yes men can come too if they wish!) if you’d like to join us this weekend, please let me know as seats are limited. And yes there is a small token fee of RM25 per pax, light refreshments will be provided. Portion of fees will also go to our Community Chest Box at Pearl Shopping Gallery.

Event will be held this Saturday (21 April 2018 from 10.30am – 1.30pm) at GRIND22, No 22 Lorong Maarof, Bangsar.

To RSVP, you may purchase your tickets here at https://shop.pocketbook.io/p/G1LAtYD

See you soon!

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