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Why you should start your business when you are younger.

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When I started my business, I was already a Mom of one. I was adamant to go against the tide because the idea yearns to be explored. I did it and never turn back. I recalled learning the word ‘hustle’, and few other jargon in the Start Up land. I am still learning and I am believer that ‘Learning Never Stops!’.

Oh yes, I rise and fall hard. So hard that there were times I questioned my decision back and forth.

And when things gets tough, I wish I was still part of the Corporate’s tribe earning a steady income – monthly!

One thing for sure, I learnt a lot in my journey and my journey still continues to this day.

Sure there are people that started their businesses a little later (like Ray Croc of McDonalds or Colonel Sanders of KFC), but after reading their biographies, it seems that they have already started their businesses much earlier but only to fail at each one of them before they found the breakthrough at a later age. Even inventors in those days did not make huge successes until a much later age.

Young generations these days are blessed with great opportunities compared to those during my time.

Whenever you are on social media pages or even turn pages of some business magazines, you will never miss to see news on the latest Start Ups and how easy it seems that these new businesses gets funded compared to before. New Startups these days sprout like mushrooms and this is due to the accessibility to technology that further develops interest to start something new or to disrupt and simplify everyday issues.

If I could turn back time, I wish I could explore more opportunities back then. People at my era were encouraged to have steady career and climb up the corporate ladder. I did just that too. Eventually, I felt something is amiss in my career life. I couldn’t do much in Corporate unless it is within my role or I need to seek approval before coming up with any changes. I feel stuck because I wanted to co-create something but at the end of the day, I feel a certain burn out. I am just another paper pusher, another robot that moves along.

If you have a dream and wish to explore them. DO IT.

Use your youth to explore every opportunities that comes by and learn from every mistakes that you make. Be open and humble to learn and observe. Be patient when things didn’t go your way, and don’t assume the world owes you everything. Go out there and experience the ups and downs of the entrepreneurship world and let these experiences enriches your learning.

When you start your business at a younger age, you get to restart all over again without having to feel bad about whether you will make enough to get by especially when you have family to feed. You will have less commitments and are likely to have more energy to put up with expectations and disappointments too.

So if you want to be in business, make sure you know that this journey is not for the faint of hearts. Equip yourself with all the basic information when starting out, especially the law part because that will save half of your headache as you grow your business.

Go ahead, explore life when your energy and time gives you the advantage.

For those who started businesses at a later age, just go with the flow. Of course, weigh your options and risk appetite each time you set a milestone. Your moment will come when everything that you work on bears fruit. There is no age limit when it comes to tasting the fruit of your labor.

The only difference is that your priorities will shift and the drive to make your businesses work becomes more intense because of the existing commitments that you currently bear.

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