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Women Loves Misery


Here’s what I noticed.

Women loves to rant on Social Media. I am a woman, I rant too.

It’s our way to release tension and get load off our shoulder, get others to respond and then we feel better. Women loves emotional support, even if it’s from strangers.

However, constant rantings is unhealthy. Especially when it’s something you can work on. It’s like nothing ever positive coming out from you but how gloomy your life is and how you wish you can solve your problem, pronto!

Complaint or rant all you want on social media that your life ain’t brings you nowhere, you don’t know how to start a business, you got no money, you are jealous your best friend can buy LV…bla bla bla….

Here’s a reality check.

Your constant rants will not change a single thing. You may hate me for saying this (obviously you may have 101 reasons) but you have been looking at things wrong all these while. It’s called in-denial-with-a-pinch-of-procrastination syndrome.

You need to get your ass up and learn. Nothing is as easy as cut & paste and you get lucrative income. NONE. Unless you scam then you better be damn good at it.

So invest a little to learn. This is something that MOST people afraid to do. It’s as if half of their life got sucked out from their system if they are required to pay a minimum fee. They want free things but didn’t realise the effort that others put to assemble the whole experience and learning, and making sure that they didn’t go back empty handed learning NOTHING.

Hey, you can spend aside for shopping, eat good food and travelling but spend aside extra to learn suddenly you have no money ah?

Why deprive or stingy with yourself if you can solve your number 1 problem? And only you will gain the knowledge, it depends how fast and how much you can absorb. Open your little mind and start doing.

This is the reason why I hate to spend a lot of time in women ranting groups. Reading all these “I can’t”, “I’m not sure”, “I’m confuse”, “I’m scared” makes me depress. But when we share something with them they run 100 metre without even seeking to find out more. And they come back ranting again. Perhaps some women just loves constant misery? Wants attention? Go figure.


So dear fellow women & sisters. Minimise the rantings (I can’t say stop because we women loves to share!) and start doing.

When people share with you & your group, it doesn’t mean we want to steal your business, its because we want others to benefit from it. Bottom line, the more women know about it, the more can make informed decisions whether to take action or not. No forcing required.

Sure they have to pay to earn good knowledge lah, if not we pluck money from trees to pay for good environment and your F & B? No right?

Take note of all the positive information given to you, if someone wants to share, open your heart and mind, EXPLORE. You have questions, ASK. Don’t ASSUME. Don’t even GUESS!

Do your research and if it’s something that you like, why not go out all the way and LEARN?

Story by , posted on 21st October 2017 in Thoughts

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