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WonderWomen Asia – The Social Platform for Women

Facebook Early Days

Do you remember what Facebook used to be or looked like when they first open their platform to the world?

It was back in 2004, some 14 years ago when Facebook is only made exclusive to Harvard University’s students before they open up the platform to students from other universities to connect with one another. Yep, back then it was an inter-Universities connection platform.

Facebook welcome page in the early days.
(Source: Google)

Fast forward, after rounds of capital injections from various investors, they have evolved so much and all thanks to the massive community.

Facebook page in the early days.
(Source: Google)

Nevertheless, they started with just a simple platform and objective – connecting students. The page back in those days are limited to personal details, status column, message box, etc.

As for WonderWomen Asia,  we created this platform for you and us – Women. A safe zone to connect and share and most importantly, we want to connect women to knowledge and opportunities through e-learning, events, jobs and marketplace.

Frankly, we have no idea where this venture may lead us to. One thing for sure, we created this platform to ease and empower women with contents and opportunities. We want you to take advantage of it and make use of it.

What can you do on WonderWomen?

So we see people signing up and then they are gone.

For sure you can do lots of things on the platform – only if you explore it enough.

If you have signed up already (sign up process is easy and fast), here are the things that you can do to get started.

That’s right! It’s your VERY OWN page. Put up your profile photo, change your cover photo, update your own status/motto, put up link to your website or blog, you DECIDE!

Take up your dilemma or doubts to the community! Sometimes it’s good to hear what others have to say about a certain issue. It can help you in your most important decision making too.

Whether you are looking for jobs or you are looking out for others, or perhaps you are hunting for talents for your business, share the jobs over for FREE.

You have a business to promote? Use our Marketplace and share with others.

Perhaps you have valuable experience or tips, why not share them with other women? They might learn a thing or two from it.

Just like Facebook, you invite friends to follow you or you follow others you know – either to make new friends or build rapport. At WonderWomen platform, you can do this too.

Why not learn something new while you are on the platform at fees that won’t cost you arms and legs? You too can help us build the knowledge library and earn at the same time too.

What makes us DIFFERENT is that we are creating a safe platform for women to share or rant – it doesn’t matter what the topic is. You can even send personal message to a new friend too.

Facebook are massive and for the masses, and this is when we help filter the “noise” and just focus on what matters to us, Women. Not only we encourage women to share but inspire one another too.

It really doesn’t matter which life stage you are, it can be a lonely world out there for women who are just starting out in life, got a new job, starting a new business, getting married, buying first home or even having a baby. And we didn’t want you to go through it alone.

Now, imagine for a second how amazing it would be to have sisterhood support behind you, just when you need it.

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